About Us

Computer Factory San Marcos - Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth

Nome Van Middlesworth and her husband Paul established the Computer Factory in 1995. Both are Hoosiers raised in “small town” Indiana. Paul spent the 30 years working in the Computer Industry, first as an Engineer with Belden, SEL and Westinghouse then later as General Manager and Vice President of Operations for NCR, United Telecommunications, Packard Bell and Vision Technologies. In addition to raising their four children, Nome also worked with Paul in several of these companies.

The Computer Factory combines the high tech professional background of its owners with their small town, mid-western values. The Computer Factory is informal and friendly. The owners believe that providing technical and practical information to customers will help them make the kind of informed decisions that benefit both the customer and The Computer Factory.

There is a commitment to providing the most practical solution whether it involves a repair, an upgrade or a brand new system. The emphasis is always on providing optimal solutions.

In this age of mega – stores and Internet merchandising it can be refreshing to sit down and discuss your computer, communications and network needs with professionals who actually listen, ask questions and work with you to arrive at the best possible solutions for your specific needs.