531 - Windows 10, In Case You Didn't Know

Here at The Computer Factory we build new business and home PC systems as well as repair, upgrade and refurbish existing PCs. Each day we deal with problems involving OS (operating system), applications, Internet connections, networks and PC component (hardware) failure. August marks our twentieth year in beautiful downtown San Marcos. No one in the industry has a clearer more up to date understanding of exactly what’s happening in the world of Windows PCs. We share our experience with our viewers every week in this column.

  1. Neither DSL Extreme nor Uverse (Uverse is DSL) will improve your Internet service, If you switch from cable to any DSL you will see a slowdown in Internet speed.
  2. Unsolicited contacts by phone or Internet regarding problems with your PC are scams. If there are exceptions to this rule we have not yet seen them.
  3. When your ISP (Internet Service Provider) tells you the reason you can’t connect to the Internet is your problem not theirs, they may be right, but often they aren’t. Bring your PC in to our shop. It takes about five minutes to determine whether it’s their problem or yours.
  4. These days the customer service “help” desks for ISP, Telephone and PC companies are no longer staffed with their own employees. Cox, Time Warner, Dell, HP, AT&T and others routinely employ third party foreign contractors  located in “low rent” countries to man their customer service operations. This can be a problem when the “mother company” fails to provide adequate oversight. These contractors have been known to transfer customers to “Windows” technicians in order to “fix” PC problems. The customer thinks he is being referred by his/her trusted provider (AT&T, HP, Cox etc) to a real Microsoft technician and allows the “Windows” technician access to the PC.  In reality it is a scam to extort money from the unsuspecting customer after disabling their PC. Don’t fall for it.
  5. When seeking help from one of the above service or product providers either by phone or on line, take care to make sure you are actually contacting the real provider. Scammers make it very easy to contact them instead of who you want. Never use contact information that comes to you unsolicited on the Internet. Always go to the corporate website for contact information.
  6. You have until July 29th of 2016 to accept the free “upgrade” from win7 or 8 to Win10.
  7. If you made a Win10 “upgrade” reservation you will not lose your right to upgrade by not using it now.
  8. You can return to Win7 or Win8 after a Win 10 free “upgrade” but only for thirty days following the “upgrade.” After that, going back to Win 7 or 8 will require a full re-installation.
  9. If you do go back to your old OS you will not lose your right install the free upgrade at a later date.
  10. At least half of our work orders last week were Win10 upgrade related problems. Many early adopters are having problems. It is rarely a good idea to install a new Microsoft OS within six months of its release.
  11. Some features like Spider Solitaire, Mah Jong and others that once came free with Windows are not included with Windows10. They are available at Microsoft’s “on line” store only.
  12. Microsoft has installed a “nagger” on your Win7 or Win8 task bar. If you want them to stop bugging you to accept Win10 you need to delete it. Don’t know how? Call and we’ll tell you.
  13. We get it why many Win8 users want to “upgrade” to Win10. We don’t understand why anyone with Win7 would want to “upgrade” to Win10