High Performance workstations and servers

Some computer companies (like Dell’s ALIENWARE subsidiary) advertise custom designed high-end PCs. These companies don’t really design custom PCs. Just like car dealers they simply offer a set of standard options. Getting walnut dashboard trim on new Mustang doesn’t make it a custom designed automobile 


The design of high-end (over $1000) systems require specific information regarding usage patterns and applications. This information is needed to optimize the selection of  components.  Motherboard features, type and amount of RAM, video (nVidia/ATI, SLI/Crossfire, RAM etc) audio requirements, storage (HDD/SSD/both, how big, how fast, RAID), CPU (AMD/Intel, clock speeds, cores), case style, footprint, cooling, ventilation, Blue Ray, E-SATA, DVD-R/W and budgets are all factors to consider.

These issues must be settled before we can arrive at a configuration and give you a price. Features that may not be needed in the immediate future must often be accommodated in the design for long-term considerations. The design process for “high performance” systems is iterative. It may be done face to face, by phone, texts or E-mail or a combination of all. It’s important to get it right the first time. We’ve been helping business and home users participate in the design of their own high-end systems for twenty years.  We’ve found this is the best way to get it right the first time.